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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to stop annoying Game's Requests and Facebook Friends.

 Facebook Games

According to a report of The Guardian, Facebook had nearly 1.23 billion users by the end of 2013.

Having an account on Facebook is more common than owning a toothbrush (yeah, thats true!!). You might be on Facebook because of your friend circle, your business plans, celebrity pages.. etc..

Facebook is not just a social website anymore rather it has become so vast with a variety of games and features to keep entertaining its users.

But sometimes it gets annoying when we get hundereds of game request in a week by a colleague, acquaintance,  friend or even girlfriend. I am not sure of the last case but in rest of all i am sure you want to go out and scream at top of your voice and kill the person (i have done it a lot of time in my head) .

An easy alternate of this life imprisonment is to block the game so that you may not receive any single request.

Step 1: 
Go to you account settings :
Account Settings

Step 2:
In the left side bar you will see a blocking option 

Step 3:
To block annoying people there is an option to Block Users.
Block Users

Step 4:
To block game requests there section to block apps.
Block Apps

There are few more options out there at Facebook :
  • Restricted List 
  • Block app invites
  • Block event invites
Explore and Keep Blocking
Please share your views.

                                                                                                               AND THATS DONE !!!


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