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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to setup 3rd party url / your domain with your Blogger account.

This year Google's Blogger turned 15. Blogger though originally was started by a tiny company in San Francisco called Pyra Labs in August of 1999 was bought by Google in 2002.

This merger revolutionized people's way of expressing themselves. A total count of no. of active blogs on blogger is hard to find.

Recently blogger changed the way to handle user blogs by integrating them with multiple country-specific URLs, so if a person from Canada creates a blog, it will be yourblogtitle.blogspot.ca and so on.

In midst of hundereds and thousands of blogs every person wants their blog to be unique. Blog name is just another war on the front.

A simple way to differentiate your blog and have a custom url is to associate your blog with any domain which you have purchased. One has to use DNS facilities to redirect a custom URL to a blogspot domain.

Following these simple steps will let you have a custom url to your blog :

Step 1 :
Go to the Blog to which you want to add custom url. In the left sidebar click on settings.

Step 2 : 
In the Basics tab of setting you will see a section of Publishing.
click on the "+ Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog - Point your own registered URL to your blog."


Step 3 :
Enter your domain name in the textbox provided. Make sure to put "www" before your domain name. On saving you will have two CNAME provide to you.


Step 4 : 
You have to add these two CNAME record to your domain DNS Management. In my case the domain registrar is BigRock. You can also opt for other domain name registrars

DNS Management

Note : If you buy your domain from blogger itself you dont have to do any of this . You can simply add the url using this link. For rest keep reading.

Step 5 :
Click on the Manage DNS to enter the CNAME records .  

Enter CNAME_record

Step 6 :
Put the Name / label name in the Host Name section and Destination / Target in the Value box. Then Add Record.
Similarly add the second CNAME record.


Note : If you get any error for Same Host Name exists , then delete the earlier record ( saving the current values in a text file ) if you want to redirect to blogger.

You will see the records after you have updated .

Step 7 :
Go back to Step 2 after successfully entering the CNAME records .
You will see a success message this time.

This method takes nearly 48hrs for activation so please be patient.

Enjoy and Keep Exploring .
                                                                                                            AND THATS DONE !!!


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